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We charge a £20.00 admin fee on ALL events and expect a 50% deposit at least a week before each event. Both of these are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Happy Workforce

Here at Pamper Me Company we strongly believe that keeping your workforce happy, healthy and fit is the top key to running a great business with great employee ethics

Our events are designed to maximise the ability of your workforce by helping them relax, de-stress and are generally for team moral. It is like trying to grow a plant with no water, it will not grow, it will dry out and become drained and dried out therefore you need to water the plant for it to grow and be healthy. It has the same impact on a human but in a different concept. Keeping a healthy body is important not only in the work life but in general day to day life to. 

Let us keep your workforce happier and healthier. Get in touch with us today for more information and to check availability. We can travel to you directly or you can arrange a preferred location and time at your convenience. 

Office Massage

Office massages can be done as a seated massage treatment for your employees at their desk or we can provide our own massaging chair or massage couches to allow your employees to relax. Did you know a 10 minute chair massage can reduce stress and tension and improves your employees performance to complete their job. 

Office wellbeing

Office wellbeing is very important for your employees. If your employees are treated well, feel valued and maintain a healthy mind they are more likely to perform better. We provided various wellbeing services such as: meditation, mindfulness, reiki, reflexology and many other beauty and holistic therapies. We are able to gather and bring a fully qualified and insured team to your workplace to provide mini treatments and services. 

Office workshops

We offer a variety of Office Workshops which are great fun for employees and key for team building. We can get all of team involved and talk about wellbeing, we can demonstrate treatments and therapies for the team to have a go doing on each other and themselves. This not only learns th new skills but its great fun and great fun for staff moral and wellbeing. We can do aromatherapy, massage, facials, manicure, makeover, hair you name it we can make it unique and personal to you.

Corporate Wellness Events are £45.00 per hour. Contact us today to book to avoid disappointment. 

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